Equipment Exchange

Are you searching for a way to minimize your capital outlay when in the market for machinery and equipment?  Quipbank’s equipment exchange program accepts deposit of surplus or idle machinery and equipment from contractors and exchanges them on their behalf to other firms or organization that need them. Our clients are able to exchange equipment they have for equipment they need.

Quipbank’s exchange program allows a client to come to our center with their own equipment and exchange it for equipment of their choice at a subsidized price depending on the value of their equipment.

Flexible Transaction

The exchange program provides a flexible transaction that allows fleet managers to trade multiple units or only one unit. We offer exchange on any machine whether it is a trade up or trade down. We currently have a range of units for exchange including forklifts, tractor implements like sprayers, truck trailers among many more.

Corporate Exchange

We also offer corporate company exchange where we manage exchanges for companies that support many farmers to grow produce for their company e.g. tobacco farmers or barley farmer Tractor interchange during seasons will support the firms to make the exchanges efficiently.

Visit Us or Email

If you have a machine you would like to exchange visit our offices or send us an email. Don’t forget to tell us which machine you are looking to buy. We will then give you a price on your machine. We carry the top of the line from the leading manufacturers, so you can always rely on the quality and value when you shop with us.